Speed up your work with SPN Nails gels

In the pre-Christmas rush in salons, it is worth betting on products that will significantly speed up your work.

In the last episode of the SPN Business Club series, our Educator, Małgorzata Kubiak, showed how to deal with an emergency and quickly reconstruct a broken nail using acrylogel.

In this episode, we will show you how to work with rubber gel and tell you about the perfect gel for beginner stylists!

We invite you to watch the video!

Late customer? Ideas for quick nail art!

Is your client late and you have a full schedule?

In the pre-Christmas period, such situation can be a serious problem.

How to not leave your client disappointed and at the same time offer her cool, quick nail art?

See the propositions of our Educator, Małgorzata Kubiak!

Christmas in your Salon

In this video, we'll talk about how to create a unique, festive atmosphere in our salons. What elements of the decor should you choose? What to avoid and how to prepare nice, pre-Christmas gifts for your clients?

Ideas for hand-made, personalized gifts and gift sets for resale!

See the latest webinar with our expert, Karolina Ryszkiewicz.

How important is personal development in the profession of a nail stylist?

In this video, Kamila Grochowska, Master Team SPN Nails Educator, owner of a beauty salon in Warsaw, multiple champion, standing on the top of the podium at the international nail championships.

Kamila will talk about the importance of personal development in our profession. How the choice of  SPN brand influenced the development of her career and her salon.

Brand selection and the development of the salon and stylist

Are you considering choosing one brand for your salon?

See how the choice of SPN Nails affects the development of the salon, but also expand your options as a nail stylist, allows you to fight as an experienced Educator. for the highest podium at the nail championships, strengthens the prestige of the salon you work in and guarantees the highest quality products.

Marta Dziurkowska - an experienced Educator and the owner of a prestigious nail salon from Częstochowa talks about how the choice of the brand influences the future career and development of the salon.

Safety in a beauty salon - disinfection and sterilization

A safe salon is primarily about using safe, sterile products and tools.

What are the 3 steps to sterilize  your tools safely? What is pre-disinfection? When are we talking about proper disinfection? And how to prepare tools for steam sterilization in an autoclave?

Proper team management

In this video we will talk about the role of the  Boss, what the expose of the Boss is and whether you are sure what you communicate to your employees is perceived by your team in the same way.

Karolina Ryszkiewicz shares her own experience. She will also talk about the experiment she conducted herself. Are you curious about its results?

Watch our latest webinar!

Metamorphosis of Paulina's salon

See how your business can change when you carefully control the budget and plan the further development of her salon.

In this video - Karolina Ryszkiewicz meets Paulina - the Owner of Beauty Salon after the successful metamorphosis of Paulina's salon

Safety in beauty salon

In this video our expert, Karolina Ryszkiewicz, will talk about the importance of the products we work on, the equipment we use, what is worth investing in, where it is worth saving, and where not to save, because it may have an impact on our health and the health of our clients.

In-salon procedures for COVID-19

In this video, our guest, Karolina Ryszkiewicz, will talk about how the pandemic changed lives in our salons.

What are the challenges ahead and how to adapt to all the recommended procedures. See the new COVID-19 procedural episode! 

Profitability of the salon

In this video our guest, Karolina Ryszkiewicz, addresses the topic of PROFITABILITY OF THE SALON.

How to calculate it? How to control costs in the salon? How to manage your budget?

You will find the answers to these questions in our video.

Sensory marketing in the salon

In this video, Karolina Ryszkiewicz, Beauty Business Expert, will talk about what sensory marketing is and how you can use it in your salon.

Use the power of music, offer your clients delicious coffee or tea, surround your salon with a beautiful scent of perfumed cosmetics from the SPN Nails Luxury Home SPA line.

Find your distinguishing feature and create the right atmosphere in your salon.

See how Karolina Ryszkiewicz did it!

5 mistakes in salon management

Karolina Ryszkiewicz, Beauty Business Expert, will talk about the five most common mistakes made by people who run their own salon in the first webinar at SPN Business Club.

Lack of communication with the client, too long response time, lack of basic information on the website, focusing only on the service, lack of procedures, or maybe incorrect financial management? Check which point applies to you! Look at your salon and your activities from a new perspective and see what is blocking your development!

Do you like our webinar? If you think that this project may also interest another stylist you know, the owner of a beauty salon - be sure to invite her to our project!

If you are interested in the support we offer you, remember to regularly check the section SPN Business Club, where we will  regularly post new, inspiring content.

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