Nailac - Hybrid Polishes

The NaiLac brand was created in 2016, and the idea behind it was clear from the very beginning - to make the hybrid manicure as easy as possible to the thousands of us, who are not professional nail stylists. While creating it, we were guided by three most important rules: ease of use, no harmful substances and respect for animals.

Ease of use

NaiLac hybrid polishes have uniquely shaped brushes and they perfectly cover with two thin layers at most. What is more, they have perfect thickness, thanks to which they have self-levelling properties and do not flow off during the manicure - work with them is a pure pleasure even for inexperienced individuals!


NaiLac hybrid polishes are free from harmful substances - formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, lead and acrylates. That is why they are friendly for the environment and the nails, even in the case of individuals with atopic dermatitis.  

Respect for animals

None of the NailLac products has been tested on animals nor it has any substances of animal origin. That is our most important rule - respect towards animals.

Welcome to the perfect world of NaiLac!

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