What is the secret of the right UV LaQ application?
Step by step, we'll show you how to do it!



1. Push cuticles back, trimm and shape natural nail

2. Remove the excess dust with the dust brush 

3. Apply No Acid Primer

4. Apply any hybrid polish base coat (500,701,base gel) 

5. Cure for 30 sec in Dual Led SPN lamp

6. To obtain coverage of light colors, remove the dispersion layer of the base with a dry cotton pad

7. Apply any color of UV LaQ

8. Cure for 30 sec in Dual Led SPN lamp 

9. Repeat the process, if needed

10. Apply top coat of your choice

11. Cure for 30 sec in Dual Led SPN lamp 

12. Apply Manicure Oil of your choice

Enjoy your manicure!

If you have a problem with the application of the lacquer
sign up for professional training for SPN Nails Educators.

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