Jelly Bottle

A quick refill for nail styling. Fast and effective leveling of nail imperfections. Solid strengthening of the natural plate. Safe styling even after 4 weeks of wear. Insane, matching skin tone and plate colors. Is this what you expect from your nail products? 

Meet our #NEW! Jelly Bottle, the gels that must be in your home and professional salon! 

These are 2-in-1 products, which we enclosed in bottles with a brush. 

You don't need an additional basecoat to apply them, so they are both a base and a building gel, which definitely speeds up your work! You'll also gain time during removal - Jelly Bottle are completely soluble, and you don't need to use a cutter to remove them. You'll also love them for their formula, which means you'll be able to wear the styles on your nails safely for more than 4 weeks! If regular refills of your nail designs aren't always to your liking, Jelly Bottle are coming to the rescue.

Why you must have them?

  • Jelly Bottle's medium-thick consistency and self-levelling formula will make your work as easy as possible.
  • It will only take you 30 minutes to refill your stylization or correct imperfections!
  • Colors - from nude to pink - will perfectly match your skin tone, creating the desired natural effect on your nails
  • When you buy Jelly Bottle, you buy time for you, as well as your clients 
  • These are gels that have a reduced burn feeling in the lamp
  • Solidly strengthen and protect the natural plate without the need to apply a base coat
  • Jelly Bottle can be removed with a cutter, but are 100% soluble

Choose Jelly Bottle and make your nails even more beautiful!

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