Cosmo Collection

Cosmo Collection – discover cosmic gel polishes with shimmering particles!

You can create a spectacular manicure, shining like the most beautiful constellation, with Cosmo collection. Stardust refines the timeless shades of 5 gel polishes with shimmering particles - perfect for the autumn-winter nail season. Feel their cosmic energy and let yourself be carried away by the colors that delight more than the Andromeda constellation on the most beautiful autumn night.

The first star of the collection is 1003 Cassiopeia gel polish with a plum and burgundy tones. Multicolored nails with particles will make you the queen of the most fashionable styles. The burgundy gel polish 1004 Orion creates a distinctive, shimmering surface and shines as beautifully as the constellation of autumn sky. Red gel polish with particles 1005 Phoenix will perfectly complement even simple, minimalist outfits. And a sparkling navy blue color 1006 Aquarius will spread a spectacular glow over your manicure. The culmination of Cosmo collection is 1007 Draco gel polish, thanks to which black nails with particles will become synonymous of great taste. Get to know all 5 colors and see which of our constellations will enchant you the most.

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