Base And Top Coats

Hybrid base coat and top coat are products that are necessary to make a perfect hybrid manicure. The base coat levels out unevenness of the natural plate, repairs defects thanks to which the hybrid polish looks great on the nail and it is perfectly smooth. Additionally, the base coat applied to a correctly prepared plate – buffed, degreased and primed – increases adhesion of hybrid polishes and durability of the whole manicure. It may also act as a 2 in 1 product, namely be the hybrid base coat and the colour at the same time, producing the effect of natural, beautiful and manicured nails and significantly shorten the duration of the manicure process.  Such an effect may be produced by using cover base coats, that can be covered with a top coat only... And since we are talking about top coats, lets not forget that they add the final, spectacular look to the hybrid manicure. It could be either glamour-style gloss (gloss top coat) or satin matte effect that looks perfect especially with dark hybrid polishes.  


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