Broken nail? Quick nail repair with Acryl-O!-Gel SPN Nails

A Customer with a broken, cracked nail?

Marta Dziurkowska, Master Team SPN Nails Educator, will show us how to repair such a nail with Acryl-O!-Gel! See how easy it is!

Products used in the video:

See how pleasant it is to work with the Rubber Gel from SPN Nails

Master Team SPN Nails Educator, Kamila Grochowska presents her way of making a French nails.

The products used are:

Acryl-O!-Gel SPN Nails

Are you looking for a quick and friendly method of nail extension? Are you dreaming of ultra-light and natural stylization and at the same time strong and flexible? See how easy it is to work with Acryl-O!-Gel! You will fall in love with this product from the first application! Our Educator, Anna Orłowska, presents her work on the Cover Mask color.

All Acryl-O!-Gel colors can be found HERE

Products used in the video:

  • Acryl-O!-Gel Cover Mask:
  • Fluid 250 ml: 
  • Brush with spatula:
  • PRO Nail Forms 200 pcs:
  • 700 Top Shine:

SPN Nails gel polishes - excellent coverage and consistency

SPN Nails gel polishes guarantee perfect coverage and  consistency, regardless of the color. They hide already with one layer, have excellent short brushes, so the work with our UV LaQs is a pure pleasure.

Our Educator, Ania Lukas, will show you the advantages of our gel polishes.

Products used in the video:

  • 502 My wedding dress UV LaQ 8ml -
  • 503 503 Black Tulip UV LaQ 8ml -
  • 515 LoVe mE! UV LaQ 8ml -
  • 504 Candy French UV LaQ 8ml -
  • 766 Rubble UV LaQ 8ml -
  • 809 Crimson Queen UV LaQ 8ml -

SPN Nails Base Coats

Meet our irreplaceable base coats: the classic 500 Base, the best-selling 701 Bonder Base, building base 755 Build Me!, strengthening Silky Base and the 2in1 product - Cover Bonder in 5 beautiful nude shades! See the short video prepared by our Educator, Ania Lukas and learn all the benefits.

Products used in the video:

  • 500 Base UV LaQ 8ml -
  • 701 Bonder Base UV LaQ 8ml -
  • 755 Build Me! UV LaQ 8ml -
  • Silky Base UV LaQ 8 ml -
  • Bonder Cover Bases:

Infinity Top Coat SPN Nails

Meet the Infinity Top Coat - the never ending glow and durability of a new SPN Nails top coat, which lasts until  the change of your stylization!

Małgorzata Kubiak, SPN Nails Educator, will show you the advantages of work with our new Infinity Top Coat.

Infinity Top Coat 8 and 12 ml can be found here:

Perfect French with SPN Nails building gels

How to make a perfect salon French with the use of Cover me! gel and White Master Gel? Watch our short video and learn the tricks of our Educator, Monika Sokołowska!

You can find our building gels HERE

Products used in the video:

  • SPN - Builder Clear Gel 30g -
  • SPN - Cover me! Gel 30g -
  • Gel Brush #04 Oval Synthetic -
  • DELUXE Zebra PRO, moon 100/150 -
  • SPN - Clean & Shine 500ml -
  • Cotton pads:
  • 734 Chicka Chicka UV LaQ 8ml -
  • White Angel Paint Gel -
  • Nail Art Brush #002 -
  • 700 Top Shine UV LaQ 8ml -

Acryl-O!-Gel with shimmering particles - step by step application

Meet the new colors of Acryl-O!-Gel SPN Nails with shimmering particles. See the Frozen Rose application step by step. It's a fast and easy method of work!

Our new Acryl-O!-Gel with shimmering particles can be found HERE

Products used in the video:

  • 701 Bonder Base UV LaQ 8ml:
  • PRO Nail Forms:
  • Brush with spatula:
  • Acryl-O!-Gel Frozen Rose:
  • Fluid Acryl-O!-Gel:
  • Clean & Prep SPN Nails:
  • Top Infinity:
  • Buffer - Sponge Moon 180/220:
  • Nail file 150/180 SPN Nails:
  • Dust Removing Brush:

New base that you have been waiting for - Rubber Base SPN Nails!

The colorless rubber base is much more flexible when you compare the product to standard hybrid bases.

Thanks to its unique structure, it prevents mechanical damage, because the rubber base works together with the natural nail plate during impact - it will be slightly bent, but will not allow the nail to crack or break!

The Rubber Base will be perfect for repairing the unevenness of the plate, superstructure and delicate nail extension.

Perfect adhesion to the nail plate causes no air pockets.

Its density eliminates the problem of flowing onto the cuticles, and its durability will allow you to enjoy impeccable stylization for a long time!

Rubber Base in capacity 8 or 12 ml is available at:

See how easy it is to work with this gel! JellyX is a revolution in nail styling! The system is easy and comfortable to work with, is self-leveling and has a perfect consistency that won't flood over your cuticles!

Try JellyX gels today!

They are here:

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