Halo Effect Cat Eye

Halo Effect Cat Eye magnetic hybrid nail polishes - put a cat eye effect on your nails.

NaiLac Halo Effect Cat Eye magnetic hybrid nail polishes with a million muticolored particles create luminous glows that change their dominant color depending on the angle of the light. To spread the metallic filings, just use a special magnet so that the characteristic multicolored trails appear.

Magnet hybrid polish #01 shimmers with shades of gold, pink and orange enriched with emerald highlights. #02 is an explosion of orange-gold flecks, sparkling like lava. NaiLac polish #03 hides a sensual duet of pink and purple, which in shade #04 is enriched by warm orange tones. The last polish of the Halo Effect collection closes with #05, where purple and dark blue blend together.

Multicolored streaks accompanied by black is a recipe for a spectacularly shimmering cat eye effect on the nails. Just move your hand slightly, and your styling with any Halo Effect will undergo a luminous metamorphosis and enchant with a completely new shine. See how NaiLac metallic hybrid nail polishes will shine on you....

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