MillkShake Collection

Milky perfection in 7 flavors! Move to the land of dairy delicacies with the MilkShake collection! Meet 7 fabulous colors! Immerse yourself in various shades of white - witha drop of beige, lavender, apricot, powder pink or coconut milk. Feel the breeze of the cool 970 Frostinio on a hot summer day. Immerse yourself in the sweet vanilla note 976 Viva Vanilla! and throw away any limitations with the warm beige 975 Nudist. You need something refreshing? 971 Frappuccino will be the hit in 10! Awaken your senses with delightful, milky beige tones of 972 Almond Milk. Sweet 973 Oat Milk will be the basis of many delicious stylizations. Do you want to be always up to date? Bet on 974 Lactose Free! Which of our delicacies will you choose? The most fashionable colors for the summer - elegant, chalky and perfectly covering you can find in the MilkShake collection!


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