Mermaid effect gel polishes

2 intensely iridescent gel polishes for #mermaideffect – 1013 Arielka and 1014 UniCorn

1013 Arielka is like a siren song that you can't resist. Shining gold and green, like the tail of a mythical creature, it intoxicates and hypnotizes in the sunlight. It will look beautiful when applied to light shades of gel polishees, it will refine them and give them a spectacular expression.

1014 UniCorn is like a child's dream come true about a pink winged horse that will take us on a journey full of adventures.
Shimmering in purple and pink, it shimmers beautifully in the sunlight and delights with its surface of shimmering particles on the nails.

Create dazzling sets full of shine with #mermaideffect gel polishes!

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