Hybrid Nail Polishes. Glowing In The Darkness

UV LaQ Glow in the night are hybrid polishes that glow in the darkness. Created on silicon resin that perfectly harmonises with the natural plate, forming an elastic layer that works well with the nail. SPN Nails hybrid polishes glowing in the darkness do not crack, peel from the free edge and the glowing effect lasts of a dozen of minutes after going from a room with bright, artificial light, to a dark room.  

Thanks to the unique resin, the UV LaQ hybrid polish may be applied even to long natural nails without fear they will crack or have the "spiderweb" effect. SPN hybrid polishes are exceptionally delicate for the natural plate and they may be successfully used by persons with sensitive and even atopic skin. SPN Nails is a warranty, that a beautiful hybrid manicure will last for up to a couple of weeks.  


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