An isosceles triangle is a sign of love, truth and power. The one in our logo symbolises the love to beautiful nails, the truth in action and the power we acquire thanks to everyday work with great stylists in the whole Europe.

When in 2007 SPN Nails Professional brand was entering the Polish market we strongly believed that our knowledge, experience and passion would help us create exceptional nail styling products. The products that would impress with the quality, ensure safety of work and make nail styling a way of life for many of you. Since then, every day you confirm our belief that when you put your heart into something and your work is at the same time your biggest passion, everything works out.

When working on the SPN Nails Professional brand we pay special attention to the components of our products which are safe for human health and the environment. Every day we make best efforts to meet your expectations on each stage of the work. Our products are created by professionals who know the process of nail styling 'inside out'. We know what consistency a perfect hybrid polish should have, how to create a gel nail brush that fits a hand perfectly and how should an acrylic behave to turn its application into pure pleasure.

Today we may proudly say that SPN Nails brand is the leader on the market of professional nail styling cosmetics. Thanks to the highest quality of products, their ingredients which are safe for health and environment, positive opinions of Independent Institutes of Dermatology and also rich offer and a broad range of colours, the SPN Nails brand has been appreciated by tens of thousands of stylists across the whole Europe.

For nearly a decade we are present in you beauty salons, home and hearts.

Thank you.

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