Shipment time

An estimated shipment time is displayed for each product, and in the case of the "Pre-payment to a bank account" or "Przelewy24 - online payment" options it is counted from the date the payment is credited on the Grupa Beautica company's bank account.

Shipment time on a card of a given product refers to one item. If the order covers more than one item it may occur that at the moment we do not have such a number of items on stock. In such a case the shipment time may be extended, and the Customer shall be informed about such a situation by e-mail or telephone.


Unavailable Goods

When the product card displays "Product unavailable" information it means that the goods cannot be ordered at this time. We do not have it on stock and/or our suppliers do not have it either. We cannot guarantee that this item will be again available.


Delivery time

"FedEx Express Polska", "DHL Parcel" or "InPost" courier company delivers the parcels in Poland, and outside the territory of Poland the parcels are delivered by  "UPS" or "GLS" courier company. Delivery time depends on the carrier, shipment time and the recipient's address. In Poland the time is usually 1-2 working days since the parcel has been shipped. Outside the territory of Poland, the time is usually 4-5 working days since the parcel has been shipped.

The Grupa Beautica company does not have any influence on the exact time the courier company delivers the parcel. The moment the order status changes to "Order shipped", so on the date the parcel is handed over to the Courier, the Customer is sent an e-mail with the number of the consignment note and the name of the courier company in order to track the parcel.

The courier company is obliged to inform the Customer with a text message sent to the number given during placing the order, on the day and time of the parcel delivery.

Delivery time may get extended when the Customer is not present at the address indicated in the order. In such a case the Courier is obliged to leave a delivery notice at the place of delivery or send it in a text message.


Cost of delivery

Delivery in Poland

The cost of shipment of the ordered Goods depends of the Customer's profile. 

The prices relate to shipments of up to 25 kg.


Delivery outside Poland

The cost of shipment of the ordered Goods outside Poland depends of the country the Goods are shipped to and the total weight of the ordered products.

In case of the orders shipped to the EU countries, the costs shall be clearly defined during the Order placing process. In case of the orders shipped to the countries outside the EU, exact costs shall be calculated and sent to the Customer after the placed order has been accepted.

We ship parcels up to 30 kg outside Poland. If the total weight of the products added to the cart is more than 30 kg, the store shall automatically add the costs of another parcel.

In order to verify the final amount or the order the Customer should add all products to the cart and select the form of payment. The they will see the exact costs of transport.

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