It's a Match(a)!

Minimalistic, full of warmth, class... and positive energy! Discover colors that will perfectly match you, nature, the world around us and perfectly affect your mood. It's a Match(a)! is a collection of three hybrid polishes that will perfectly capture the elegant atmosphere of autumn days, emphasize your unique character and take care of the right level of happiness, just like the popular matcha.

At first glance full of peace and harmony, when put on the nails cause a rise in the happiness hormone. It's a Match(a)! are three unique colors with which it will be easy to break the daily routine. We have for you #486, which will discreetly enrich the look with its subdued, muted green color, emanating positive energy and boosting to action #487 in the color of a matcha latte tea and #488 in a lightened, pastel-green shade with a touch of beige. They all work perfectly together, creating autumn combinations perfect for any occasion. 

Which shade will replace your morning coffee and energize you in this season? 

If you can't decide, buy them all in a limited set for PLN 99.


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