COLOR SHOW Collection

This autumn is a real feast of colors! This season we prove that autumn does not have to be gray and boring! In our stylizations, we focus on warm colors: caramel, a sweet addition to your favorite coffee, which can be found in the 931 Caramello Bello gel polish, orange red, closed in the bottle of 932 You're My Lobster lacquer, a shade of ripe raspberry hidden in 933 Rasberry Sauce gel polish, or plum shade closed in 935 Plum Boom gel polish. The shade of chocolate will return to favor after summer, so 936 Choco Loko will be the perfect choice. Do not forget about burgundy, hidden in the 934 Get Reddy lacquer, deep green in 938 Irish Green or olive shade in 937 Olive Garden. Two shades of blue: 940 I'm Blue and 939 Dancing in the Rain will remind you your summer trips and sea baths. Which shade will you choose?
Check out also our limited shade - *Midnight!

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