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NaiLac hybrid polishes were designed not only for the professionals, but also for thousand of users who are not professional nail stylists.  We have equipped them with a range of solutions thanks to which doing hybrid manicure will be easier for beginners and professionals will be able to accelerate the pace of work.  NaiLac hybrid polish has an optimum density thanks to which it does not flow off the nail and may be spread evenly. It is saturated with pigment, thanks to which the plate is perfectly covered with two thin layers. Especially profiled brushes of NaiLac hybrid polishes allow to spread the product perfectly up to the cuticles.  

NaiLac hybrid polishes are free from harmful substances - formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, DBP, lead and acrylates. Thanks to that they are gentle and friendly to individuals who may be allergic to some brands of hybrid polishes.  

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