Gel in a bottle JellyX

A revolution in nail styling! JellyX gel in a bottle from SPN Nails!

JellyX means durability, comfort and ease of work for every stylist!

It is a flexible, medium-thick gel, closed in a convenient bottle with a brush.

Advantages of JellyX gel:

- ease of work - the product so easy to use that it can even be used

beginner stylist!

- convenient packaging - a bottle with a brush, application like your favorite gel polish

- beautiful, milky colors - 6 universal shades that will match your complexion


- self-leveling formula

- perfect density, thanks to which you will not flood the cuticles

- no burning sensation in the lamp

- durability and no air pockets!

- express styling - shorter service time and more profit in the salon!

Start with... JellyX! And love the gel styling!

Choose from 6 beautiful pudding colors, or buy now a JellyX Set with 501 Top Coat as a gift!


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