Dual Multi Intelligence Technology Lamp 36W
Dual Multi Intelligence Technology...

Dual Multi Intelligence Technology Lamp 36W

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The brand-new SPN lamp is a technologically advanced device based on an intelligent comfort of curing gels and hybrid polishes. The lamp starts curing at a low temperature and power, which is highly beneficial.

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The brand-new SPN lamp is a technologically advanced device based on an intelligent comfort of curing gels and hybrid polishes. The lamp starts curing at a low temperature and power, which is highly beneficial:

  • it minimizes the "burning" sensation thanks to the „Power Intelligence” solution: initial power of timers is very low and it gradually increases - minimising the sudden change of temperature,
  • it ensures accurate and proper hardening of the mass, which decreases the risk of allergy,
  • high-quality  fluorescent lamps ensure the same emission of the length of the light waves - a polish or a gel will be properly and evenly cured on the whole nail surface,
  • it has mixed lamps, with two wavelengths: 365nm (that is what we need to cure classic gels) and 400nm (a wavelength to cure the LED products)
  • completely crystalline bulbs ensure that the highly-pigmented gels (covers and whites), highly covering hybrid polishes (white, black) and gloss gels receive the proper and correct amount of light and thus look beautiful for many weeks,
  • the lamp does not have a transformer that forces boosting the power, so you will enjoy working with this device for a long time, without the risk of burned bulbs.


1. Dual functionality of the DUAL LED 36W lamp -  for curing gels and hybrid polishes. 

2. Automatic on - is has a movement sensor which switches the lamp on after the hand in put into it. 

3. No dead zone - proper location of diodes ensures even distribution of light.   

4. Perfect for pedicure - magnet bottom enables to dismantle (and assemble it) with a single motion.

5. Reliable technology of the exceptionally durable LED diodes ensures durability of the lamp.

6. Decreases the risk of allergy which is the result of improper distribution of light to the polishes.

7. Safe for your eyes - LED light does not cause eye pain and is not harmful for the eyesight.

8. Ant-acetone coating - unique plastic covered with a layer of polish can be cleaned easily and is stain-resistant. 

9. Designer appearance.

10. Compact size that do not take up much space in the work place.

Lamp sizes: 180 x 162 x 86 

Product covered by the warranty:

- 24 months for consumer purchase *

- 24 months in all other cases

The guarantee does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer resulting from the provisions on the warranty for defects in the goods sold.

Warranty period: 24 months.

* Consumer - a natural person, including a natural person running a business, making a purchase not directly related to its business or professional activity.

SPN Nails
7 Reviews

Miałam już 3 lampy, które szybciutko się zepsuły. Tą już mam 2,5 roku i ani razu nic się nie stało. Jestem bardzo zadowolona, poleca mwszystkim
By Werkaa on 2022-05-16

Super, polecam
By Iza on 2022-05-16

Bardzo dobra
Klientki są zadowolone, prawie w ogóle nie narzekają na pieczenie w lampie. Super!
By Klientka on 2022-05-16

By Anna L. on 2022-05-16

Polecam z całego serducha
W salonie mam już cztery i przymierzam się do zakupu piątej. Świetna jakość
By Pati on 2022-05-16

Genialny sprzęt!
Lampa jest zdecydowanie warta swojej ceny. To jedyna w naszym salonie która się od 3 lat nie zepsuła i najlepiej ze wszystkich utwardza lakiery i żele. Polecam serdecznie
By Monika on 2022-05-16

To moja druga lampa i wszystko wskazuje na to, że ta długo ze mną zostanie. Banalnie prosta w obsłudze.
By Katarzyna on 2021-09-14
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