TiXo Gel

Meet TiXo Gel by MAD created by SPN Nails Master Team Educator, Marta Dziurkowska.

TiXo Gel by MAD is a perfect product for a non-filing technique. It will significantly shorten your time of work.

Thanks to the thixotropy technology, TiXo gels provide excellent comfort of work through total control over the product.

With proper work, the nails remain smooth after curing and practically do not need to be filed.

The gel is resistant to damage, does not lift off and does not turn yellow.

Advantages of TiXo gel:

- thixotropy technology

- total control over the product

- possibility of clamping / making a tunnel

- increased durability

- does not lift off the natural nail plate

- reduced burning sensation in the lamp

TiXo Gels are available in 2 colors and in 2 capacities: 15 and 50g.

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