Time to relax - inspirations for autumn evenings in the spirit of self-care

Sometimes you wonder how to enjoy the long autumn evenings? When the excitement after holiday adventures slowly subsides, allow yourself to relax, calm down and unwind. This is your special time, which you can spend at home and celebrate everyday, small pleasures. We have prepared self-care inspirations for you - discover with us simple ideas for relaxing in autumn and create rituals that wrap your senses like a soft, warm blanket.

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How to care and remove cuticles near the nails? Guide

Properly developed nail shafts are the basis not only for an aesthetically pleasing, but also for a safe manicure. Customers come to nail salons with different types of nail cuticles, so removing them can sometimes be a challenge. Can it be done without cuts and redness? In the article below, we've prepared a guide that explains how cuticle removal should be done step by step. We also explain what contributes to their excessive dryness and suggest how to take care of the cuticles around the nails on a daily basis. We invite you to read!

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NOW - Your time for autumn skin care with SPN Nails cosmetics

Sometimes we bring back unwanted souvenirs from vacations - excessive dryness of various parts of the body, keratoses or redness. Sunbathing by the pool, swimming in the salty sea and sunny hikes are excellent forms of relaxation, which - unfortunately - are not indifferent to our epidermis. It is now, when we are already saying goodbye to summer, that the best time for autumn skin care and regeneration after summer begins. See which SPN body cosmetics to choose to soothe irritation and rebuild the protective lipid barrier step by step!

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The most fashionable nails for fall 2023 with Desire and Temptation collections

Appetizing browns, sensual reds and gold accessories - the most fashionable nails for fall 2023 are defined by timeless, classic shades. The upcoming season focuses on minimalism and elegant embellishments, which you can also successfully choose for work. See what trends will dominate the autumn manicure in 2023 and get a close look at two new mini-collections of SPN hybrid polishes. Desire and Temptation sets are waiting for you, and in them colors with which your styling will become synonymous with great style!

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Make amazing nail sets with Builder Shine Gels!

Thick consistency, self-leveling formula, beautiful shades perfect for the summer and tiny pieces of holographic foil. Meet Builder Shine, i.e. building gels with particles that will fulfill your dreams of spectacular shine and exceptional styling durability!

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New quality of nail art and the most fashionalble #chromenails effect!

New quality of nail art and the most fashionable #chromenails effect! Discover a new way to apply dust!  Nail Liquid Chrome is a revolutionary product in liquid, sealed in a convenient bottle with a brush. This is pure and enjoyable work with dust that you haven't even dream of!  An express and spectacular effect, without mess and without wasting product.

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Builder Bottle - this gel will change your way of work

Are you looking for a multi-tasking product that will allow you to shorten the service time and make your work as easy as possible? Meet the Builder Bottle - innovative building gels, enclosed in an elegant bottle with a brush.

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An internal training with SPN Nails Educators

Just after short Easter break, we met at our Head Office with SPN Nails Educators for a full-day training on nail diseases, product chemistry and fragrance notes of our SPA cosmetics. With Educators who couldn't be there with us, we connected online by broadcasting the training live. See the report from this event!

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Spring novelties - discover the products that will speed up your work in the salon!

Spring novelties in SPN are 2 new systems and 3 amazing TOP coats that will allow you to conjure up fantastic spring stylings. Thanks to the 2-in-1 formulas, they will also speed up your work in the Salon! Check what new we have prepared for you this season.

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Nail slugging - regenerate your dry skin and damaged nails with the newst beauty trend!

Do you want to say goodbye to dry skin once and for all and regenerate damaged nails? Do you need really strong hydration and nail plate strengthening? Discover the nail slugging - a simple treatment that you can easily perform at home, between visits to your Stylist!

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