You haven't seen this before! The perfect dry oil that, thanks to its unique formula, will leave your hands incredibly smooth and your cuticles looking beautiful as if you've just left the salon. What is the secret behind our latest product, S.O.S. Dry Oil? Discover all its secrets in our latest post!

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Get ready for SPRING!

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Elegant nails for the holidays with red in the lead role

What color do you think of first when the phrase: Christmas nails? We bet about red. After all, it's the one that is considered the queen of Christmas manicure and gives a lot of styling options. From sleek looks to subtle embellishments to festive glamour. It doesn't matter which version of red you choose, because with the new SPN hybrid polishes you will create your most beautiful nails for the holidays. Meet the X-Mas Red set and plan your themed nail art now!

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Acrylogel - all you need to know

Acrylogels are nail styling products that are increasingly popular among stylists, instructors. Today they are chosen much more readily than acrylics and are becoming a serious competitor to the traditional gel method. The strong position of acrylics is undoubtedly influenced by their unique features. See what you need to know about them. What advantages do they have? What to keep in mind when applying acryl-gel for nails? And finally - what makes SPN Acryl-O!-Gels different from acrylic and gel products? Answers await in the latest post!

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Glitter nails with Cosmo collection

An unfashionable relic of the past, kitschy, flashy and simply passé - admit it, you yourself sometimes think this way about glitter on your nails. But sparkly styles don't have to be reminiscent of disco from the 00s! This is proven by the new collection of SPN hybrid polishes, Cosmo. These timeless shades are enriched with particles, which make glitter nails look extremely chic. Discover all the colors and find out that glitter can also enrich your everyday manicure!

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Time to relax - inspirations for autumn evenings in the spirit of self-care

Sometimes you wonder how to enjoy the long autumn evenings? When the excitement after holiday adventures slowly subsides, allow yourself to relax, calm down and unwind. This is your special time, which you can spend at home and celebrate everyday, small pleasures. We have prepared self-care inspirations for you - discover with us simple ideas for relaxing in autumn and create rituals that wrap your senses like a soft, warm blanket.

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How to care and remove cuticles near the nails? Guide

Properly developed nail shafts are the basis not only for an aesthetically pleasing, but also for a safe manicure. Customers come to nail salons with different types of nail cuticles, so removing them can sometimes be a challenge. Can it be done without cuts and redness? In the article below, we've prepared a guide that explains how cuticle removal should be done step by step. We also explain what contributes to their excessive dryness and suggest how to take care of the cuticles around the nails on a daily basis. We invite you to read!

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NOW - Your time for autumn skin care with SPN Nails cosmetics

Sometimes we bring back unwanted souvenirs from vacations - excessive dryness of various parts of the body, keratoses or redness. Sunbathing by the pool, swimming in the salty sea and sunny hikes are excellent forms of relaxation, which - unfortunately - are not indifferent to our epidermis. It is now, when we are already saying goodbye to summer, that the best time for autumn skin care and regeneration after summer begins. See which SPN body cosmetics to choose to soothe irritation and rebuild the protective lipid barrier step by step!

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The most fashionable nails for fall 2023 with Desire and Temptation collections

Appetizing browns, sensual reds and gold accessories - the most fashionable nails for fall 2023 are defined by timeless, classic shades. The upcoming season focuses on minimalism and elegant embellishments, which you can also successfully choose for work. See what trends will dominate the autumn manicure in 2023 and get a close look at two new mini-collections of SPN hybrid polishes. Desire and Temptation sets are waiting for you, and in them colors with which your styling will become synonymous with great style!

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Make amazing nail sets with Builder Shine Gels!

Thick consistency, self-leveling formula, beautiful shades perfect for the summer and tiny pieces of holographic foil. Meet Builder Shine, i.e. building gels with particles that will fulfill your dreams of spectacular shine and exceptional styling durability!

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