It's the time for Mom finally slowed down a bit and found a moment just for herself. A good idea for relaxation will be beauty treatments accompanied by her favorite tea or coffee, relaxing music and a sensual scented candle.

We will present you a few products that will make your mother feel like in a professional SPA and relax like never before!


1. Body lotion and peeling from the S.O.S. series

With our S.O.S. series Your mother will say goodbye to dry skin once and for all. She will surely love the peeling and exfoliating gel not only for its charmingly sweet smell, but also for its special formula, thanks to which the skin will become silky smooth. And all this is due to glycolic acid, papain and natural silica particles that perfectly remove dead epidermis.

On the other hand, the S.O.S. balm with vitamin E will not only bring a smile to mum's face, but it will certainly soothe her dry and irritated skin. Thanks to the power of 6 active ingredients (including hyaluronic acid, squalane or allantoin), the balm perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the epidermis. It brings immediate relief to tense and dry skin and does not leave an oily layer, making it perfect for summer!

2. Bath gel

Perfectly foaming gels with a delicate consistency are a way to ensure that every stay in the bathtub is always successful. Nothing soothes tattered nerves as a warm, relaxing bath accompanied by enveloping, sensual fragrances inspired by well-known and popular perfumes.

3. Sugar peeling

Sugar peeling is not only a recipe for fresh and smooth skin, but also a way to feel like in a luxurious SPA. Choose from 9 fragrances inspired by famous and beloved perfumes!

4. Lotion

It is a must-have in every cosmetic bag. We guarantee that our Home SPA lotions will make every woman smile! Thanks to the power of nutrients, the lotions moisturize, nourish and bring immediate relief to tense and dry skin, but also tempt with fabulous fragrances.

5. Perfumed mist

If your mother loves all kinds of perfumes, she will surely like our mists. The mists are perfect for summer - light, subtle with a fabulous scent.


6. Moisturizing S.O.S. ointments

For your mother's busy hands, we have prepared our best-selling ointment! Two versions to choose: white, pearl, odorless ointment and pink with vitamin E with the scent of strawberry foam. Protip: the ointments are suitable for massaging both hands and feet!

7. Manicure oil

Your mom is a nail maniac and loves to have well-groomed hands? Manicure oil will be a great idea! We guarantee that our wonderful, feminine fragrances will make manicure oil her favorite ritual.

8. Balms in a mini version

The smaller capacity of lotions (50ml) is perfect as a bag essential - you can always have them with you! 

Now you can order cosmetics from the Home SPA line with a 26% discount. Choose the perfect gift by Sunday (22.05) until the end of the day.

You think it can't get any better? And yet! If the value of your basket exceeds 100 PLN (after the discount), you will receive a mini ointment with vitamin E as a gift.

Take a chance before Mother's Day and choose your favorite SPA products in super prices!

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