Acrylo-gels are nail styling products that are increasingly popular among stylists, instructors. Today they are chosen much more readily than acrylics and are becoming a serious competitor to the traditional gel method. The strong position of acrylics is undoubtedly influenced by their unique features. See what you need to know about them. What advantages do they have? What to keep in mind when applying acryl-gel for nails? And finally - what makes SPN Acryl-O!-Gels different from acrylic and gel products? Answers await in the latest post!

Acrylo-gel - what is this product?

The professional nail design industry has undergone quite a revolution over the past decade. A dozen years ago, only tips and acrylics reigned supreme, and today we can choose from a wide range of products so as to create durable, safe and aesthetic styling on any plate.

Nail acrylic gel is a relatively new product, but it has already gained approval for its innovative properties. As the name suggests - it combines the properties of gel and acrylic. This product is ideal for creating durable and ultramonde styling even on naturally fragile plate. And in addition, it is gentle enough that you do not need to work with a lot of pressure during sawing.

A good acrylic gel is distinguished by its innovative, thick and modelable consistency. Unlike acrylic, it does not solidify during work and at the same time does not run off on the cuticles, which distinguishes it from gel preparations.

Perfect nails? Acrylogel Acryl-O!-Gel - learn about its advantages

The advantage of acrylo-gel products is their versatility, as they can be used for extensions, restorations, renewals, repairs or hardening of the natural plate. In addition, they are great for problematic stylizations - for example, we can perform reconstruction of bitten nails with them. 

The consistency of acrylic gels resembles a thick pudding, which allows for comfortable overbuilding of flat and thin plates. Working with products of such formula is also associated with calm work without haste, because the mass does not run down the surface of the nails and does not flood the plates. This feature is especially important for beginner stylists, who need a little more time to precisely spread the acrylo-gel.

In addition, nail acrylics speed up the pace of work - full control over the formed shape means that the need for sawing is reduced to a minimum. A few grinds with a file or buffer are enough, thanks to which the nails gain not only the ideal shape, but also the desired thickness. Working with Acryl-O!-Gels, or SPN acrylic gels, we can choose from 11 colors. This is an additional time-saver, as in total natural look nails do not need additional polish. A wide range of semi-transparent beiges, pinks or shades enriched with particles makes it easy to match acrylo¿els to the complexion, use them for french, babyboomer or as a base for decorations or neon and pastel hybrid varnishes.

Or maybe we have fans of the acrylic method here, who have given it up because of the difficult to tolerate smell? Acrylic-gel products are completely odorless, so they guarantee comfortable work - no matter how many hours we work with them.

An additional advantage of SPN's Acryl-O-Gels is their ergonomic, functional packaging. Acryl-O-Gels in a jar will be comfortably consumed to the very end, in addition to the fact that they can also be easily scooped with a spatula without having to squeeze from the tube first.

Fast, clean and at the same time calm work are advantages appreciated by stylists working with acrylo¿els. The best thing about them is that they do not sting during curing in the lamp, so they are all the more eagerly chosen by women who dream of strong, durable and at the same time gentle for the plate styling.

How to apply acrylogel to get the best effect?

Work with acrylo¿el for nails should begin with a standard preparation of the nail plate and peri-nail shafts, and then apply a thin layer of base, which will be cured. When the nails have been prepared and the mold has possibly been ground, you can move on to the target work.

First we make the skeleton. We set aside a small ball of acrylic-gel at about ⅓ the length of the natural nail. We soak the brush sparingly in the fluide designed for the acrylic-gel method and spread the product along the length. The thin skeleton thus prepared is cured in a lamp.

Then we move on to create the building layer, using the same technique as when creating the skeleton. We cure and, using a cotton swab soaked in Clean & Prep, carefully remove the sticky layer from the nails. Now we just give the styling the right shape - we level the surface and file the free edge. If you wish, you can then paint the nails with any color you like, or protect the acrylic gel with a top coat, which will also harden.

What should be kept in mind when doing the styling? Apply acrylo¿el with a distance from the cuticles - it's a product that is minimally self-leveling and stable during work, so you can easily bring it right under the proximal shaft.

Acrylo-gel, gel or maybe acrylic - what to choose?

There is no one right answer to the question of which product will work best in daily work - acrylo-gel, gel or maybe acrylic? Not only is every stylist different, but also the needs of clients may be different. That's why it's worth knowing the different styling methods so as to find the most convenient option for you. Acrylic will work perfectly if you want to perform even extreme extensions. This product is also distinguished by reduced elasticity, so it is more difficult to break the nails.

Gel, on the other hand, is much gentler to the plate, but clients sometimes feel a slight burning sensation during curing in the lamp. It also takes practice and is labor-intensive to create the perfect gel design.

Nail acrylic gel has undoubtedly revolutionized the industry. It combines the strength of gel and the durability of acrylic while maintaining the softness of gel. See for yourself how beautiful styles you will conjure up just with this innovative product.

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