Ah, what a meeting it was.... 

Just after short Easter break, we met at our Head Office with SPN Nails Educators for a full-day training on nail diseases, product chemistry and fragrance notes of our SPA cosmetics. With Educators who couldn't be there with us, we connected online by broadcasting the training live.

The main part of our meeting was devoted to the speech of the podiatrist, Mrs. Aneta Wójcik, who works in Na Szpilkach in Łódź.

Mrs. Aneta made us realize how many cases we can meet on our way... She suggested when we can safely do the styling on such a nail plate and what situations are an absolute contraindication to the service and when it is worth to recommmend a visit to the podiatrist.

We have analyzed dozens of cases and looked closely at many problems within the nail plate. It was definitely a very valuable lecture for the participants of our meeting.

Another lecture that day was conducted by technologist Iga Kacprzak, who introduced the girls to the composition of our cosmetics.

She showed how to read the ingredients and what to look for on product labels. She opened our eyes to many interesting aspects! The last lecture of the day was given by cosmetologist Monika Banaszczyk, who you can meet at our Head Office. Monika talked about fragrance notes and differences in smell perception depending on the percentage of fragrance compositions used in the cosmetic. 

It was a very nice day, full of knowledge and cordial conversations. We were very pleased to host our team again at our Head Office!

Check out a short photo report from this meeting!

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