What color do you think of first when the phrase: Christmas nails? We bet about red. After all, it's the one that is considered the queen of Christmas manicure and gives a lot of styling options. From sleek looks to subtle embellishments to festive glamour. It doesn't matter which version of red you choose, because with the new SPN hybrid polishes you will create your most beautiful nails for the holidays. Meet the X-Mas Red set and plan your themed nail art now!

Red nails for the holidays - the key is the perfect shade

In order for your Christmas nails to really fit in with the Christmas spirit, you first need to choose the right tone of red. During the Christmas season, it is worth saying goodbye to very juicy neons, raspberry or amaranth shades. Bright colors definitely look better in summer, so if you want your manicure to perfectly correspond with the aura, bet on dark red.

Maroon, cherry, burgundy or brown shades have a lot of depth to them, making them look extremely tasteful. They look perfect solo - if you love elegance enriched with a touch of mystery and sophistication, these are the colors you should choose for your Christmas nails.

For lovers of classics, we also recommend classic shades of red, which perfectly balance between light and dark tones. To make your nails for the holidays a bit more solemn, you should also enrich them with glittery, glittery particles. Such a wide range of colors makes the choice of the perfect red sometimes seems an impossible task ... Meanwhile, we have a solution!

X-Mas Red - red hybrid polishes perfect for the holidays

In a limited set of three hybrid polishes from SPN Nails, colors created for your fashionable - and at the same time time time time timeless - Christmas manicure are waiting for you. 

The name of the varnish 1008 Santa's Red perfectly captures the character of this red. We immodestly admit that this shade is loved by Santa himself. It is distinguished by its simplicity, which becomes its greatest strength. Not all of us like styling craziness - this color on Christmas nails will be a very good choice. Wear it solo or use it for embellishments, because in the case of 1008 Santa's Red you don't have to be afraid of too kitschy exaggeration!

We've already managed to mention the magic of glitter on Christmas nails. After all, it's the easiest and also the fastest way to add an elevated touch to your styling. Some of us do not want to waste time on complicated Christmas decorations and at the same time dream that their manicure for Christmas, however, stands out from the crowd. This is when glitter comes into action.

In the X-Mas Red set you'll find two glittery red hybrid polishes. Subtle flecks dipped in 1009 Holidate will allow you to create nails for the holidays that take on a slightly seductive touch. This is also an option for ladies looking for a balance between delicacy and glamour.

SPN's collection of red polishes closes with the most dignified shade, 1010 X-Mas Time. The base in wine tones is enriched with spectacularly sparkling flecks. Thanks to their dense distribution, Christmas nails shine more beautifully than star lanterns. We took care to choose such a selection of speckles, which perfectly match the base shade of the varnish, so that your styling stands out with an elevated glow.

Red nails for Christmas and decorations

December is one of those months of the year when we are much more likely to put festive nails enriched with ornaments. In this case, too, there can be no shortage of red. Combine it with nuances and go for a colorful French. You can also be tempted by other iconic designs - stars painted on a red base, candy canes or charming ribbons.

What to do so that Christmas nail decorations do not turn out to be too flashy and obtrusive? To create a fashionable look with themed designs, it's worth betting on one distinctive accent. Trying to use all the Christmas attributes at once is not the best idea.

One thing remains the same - Christmas nails with red in the lead role is a classic that is not worth refusing. Smooth, glossy and enriched with patterns will make a furore at all Christmas gatherings.

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