Although we welcomed a calendar and astronomical spring a long time ago, the weather still doesn’t coddle us. Temperatures constantly suprise us – warmer jackets, winter hats and scarves returned like a boomerang. During colder days, taking care of our hands is also worthwhile. Hands exposed to wind and temperatures close to zero degrees, rain and, above all, disinfecants, makes our skin lose its elasticity – hands become red, rough and often crack, leaving painful wounds on the skin. In SPN Nails we strongly oppose dry skin of our hands!

How did we manage to solve this problem and what delighted our clients? We invite you to read our article!

The first answer for keratinized skin of hands are creams and ointments, which we can found in drugstores. Unfortunately, not every product meets really high requirements of our hands. Hydration is not enough for deeply damaged skin. What matters most is excellent oiling, which we should feel after the very first use of the product.

S.O.S. products are more then just the ointments! First of all,  you feel thick consistence of the product just after pressing it on the hands.  It is no coincidence! In the composition of S.O.S ointments we have: allantoin and bisabolol, which create a cosmetic filled with soothing and comforting properties. In addition, skin with the ointment is protected from water loss.  It’s beacuse of glycerin, which leaves the hands smooth, soft and moisturized. In pink version you can find also vitamin E, which prevents aging of the skin, and the advantage that you can not only seen but also feel is pleasant fruity smell, which is associated with strawberry gum.

The ointments that you used before were leaving the effect of a greasy film on your hands? With S.O.S. ointment it’s easy to forget about it! Our products leave a protective layer on the surface of the skin, so they protect it from harmful external factors. Thanks to this, they will work perfectly after manicure and pedicure in beauty salons, but not only! Products are recommended for foot and hand massage, and  it’s perfect for your handbag! Pink version of S.O.S. ointment with a worderful strawberry aroma is now available in baby version. Always at hand!

We guarantee you will love them from the first use!

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