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An unfashionable relic of the past, kitschy, flashy and simply passé - admit it, you yourself sometimes think this way about glitter on your nails. But sparkly styles don't have to be reminiscent of disco from the 00s! This is proven by the new collection of SPN hybrid polishes, Cosmo. These timeless shades are enriched with particles, which make glitter nails look extremely chic. Discover all the colors and find out that glitter can also enrich your everyday manicure!

Cosmic nails with glitter? Choose Cosmo polishes!

Cosmo SPN creates five glitter hybrid polishes. Their base are iconic colors loved by women for generations (especially in the autumn-winter season). Here you will find maroon, red, navy blue and black, which harmoniously harmonize with glitter flecks. Nails covered with Cosmo shades will become a perfect variety of classic styling, where minimalism meets subtle glitter.

SPN 1003 Cassiopeia and 1004 Orion lacquers are two maroon shades with flecks - the tone of the first one is associated with ripe plum. The second, on the other hand, is a color reminiscent of deep wine. You will create the most sensual red glitter nails together with 1005 Phoenix. And if you would like to disenchant a bit the austere and serious styling, reach for polish 1006 Aquarius. It's a duet of navy blue and glittering particles, which create a uniquely matched pair - perfect for the season of autumn-winter outfits.

Do you dream of black nails with glitter, but in a very subtle way? Then you will be delighted with the last color of the collection, i.e. 1007 Draco. The classic black of SPN hybrid polish is enriched with delicate flecks, giving the effect of a manicure sprinkled with stardust.

Inspirations for glitter nails - embellishments vs. smooth looks

How to wear Cosmo's glitter hybrid polishes? Solo or use them for embellishments? It depends on what effect you want to achieve. Smooth styles - thanks to delicate particles and subdued shades - are not too flashy at all, so they will also work successfully in everyday looks.

Will the Cosmo SPN collection also appeal to fans of soft styles in nude shades? Of course, because glitter on the nails can have a jewel-like character - it looks perfect as a shiny French or a subtly guided marble on a milky base.

See how a chic duo is created by classic black juxtaposed with red glitter nails. Just two glittery accents are enough! 

Do you like more extravagant and stand out from the crowd styling? Then your toolbox can't be without Cosmo shades. Decide for yourself how you want to use them and make even the subdued 1006 Aquarius the brightest star among autumn decorations.

With what to wear glitter nails? Review of clothes and accessories

We do not hide - if you choose a glitter manicure, when planning your daily styling, follow the golden rule that less is more. Besides, one look at Cosmo colors is enough to know that they will shine most beautifully just surrounded by simple, even minimalist clothes, accessories or jewelry.

Elegant, glitter nails go well with white shirts and oversize suits in shades of gray. For sparkling speckles match especially smooth blouses without distinctive prints so that your manicure is not unnecessarily overshadowed by an excess of eye-catching elements.

If glitter on your nails is to accompany you in everyday styling, reach for feminine turtlenecks or slightly warmer sweaters with soft weaves. In autumn, opt for colors that naturally correspond to the weather outside the window - warm beiges, browns and shades of maroon. If you are looking for accessories that correspond with the Cosmo SPN collection, also bet on timeless models of shoes and handbags. Leather, black shopper and boots are not only comfortable, but also look great in combination with brocade hybrid nails!

Black or red glitter nails are an excellent choice not only for everyday - they can't be missed during autumn events. How about combining them with a classic mini dress, black tights and stilettos with a slightly pointed nose? We describe such styling in three words - simplicity, chic and sensuality.

It doesn't matter whether you choose bright nails with glitter in the form of a jewelry accessory, or whether you opt for a sparkling total look in your manicure. The new SPN hybrid polishes will help you create original styles, shining more beautifully than the stars. Don't think too long and choose your shade from the Cosmo collection now.

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