Thick consistency, self-leveling formula, beautiful shades perfect for the summer and tiny pieces of holographic foil.

Meet Builder Shine, i.e. building gels with particles that will fulfill your dreams of spectacular shine and exceptional styling durability!

These are 5 amazing gels - Milk, Rose, Tropical, Blush and LaVender - thanks to which you can make an effective manicure in a really short time!

See these colors up close:

Builder Shine gels, thanks to their innovative formula, can be used both to hardening the natural nail plate and to extend it.

They level beautifully and spread out under the brush, thanks to which working with them is extremely comfortable.

These gels are also great for holiday decorations, for brocade ombre or neon French.

Builder Shine manicure will accompany you for many weeks and will not lose its dazzling shine.

ChooseBuilder Shine and discover the power of shine and durability on your nails!

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