After many months of testing and hundreds of stylizations made, we are giving you our latest product, which is TiXo Gel by MAD, created by our SPN Nails Master Team Educator, Marta Dziurkowska.

TiXo Gel by MAD is a product that will work at every level of stylist's advancement. Perfect for a non-filing technique, it will significantly shorten time of work, thanks to which we save time and product!

Thanks to the thixotropy technology, TiXo Gels provide excellent comfort of work through total control over the product.

With proper work, the nails remain smooth after curing and practically do not need to be filed.

Advantages of TiXo gel:

- thixotropy technology

- for stylists at all levels

- total control over the product

- self-leveling product

- possibility of clamping / making a tunnel

- increased durability

- does not lift off the natural nail plate

- perfect for nail extension and hardening a natural nail plate

- hardness comparable to acrylic products

- reduced burning sensation in the lamp

- available in 2 colors: Cover Nude and Cover Diamonds, in 2 capacities: 15 and 50g.

See the presentation of product:

Try TiXo Gel by MAD today! 

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