New quality of nail art and the most fashionable #chromenails effect! Discover a new way to apply dust! 

Nail Liquid Chrome is a revolutionary product in liquid, sealed in a convenient bottle with a brush.

This is pure and enjoyable work with dust that you haven't even dream of! 

An express and spectacular effect, without mess and without wasting product. 

No more dust and glitter flying everywhere! From now on you have full control over the product!

3 shades of chrome dust:gold, silver and pink were closed in elegant glass bottles with a capacity of 8ml.

Nail Liquid Chrome application is ultra-fast and comfortable:

1. Apply the selected color of a gel polish.

2. Cover the nail with a TOP coat without dispersion layer - 700 Top Shine and cure in the lamp.

3. Shake the bottle of Nail Liquid Chrome.

3. Apply the product on the nail and let it dry (about 30 sec.)

4. Rub the pollen (with your finger or applicator) until you get a beautiful surface.

5. Apply a TOP coat and secure the free edge.


Nail Liquid Chrome is available in 3 fabulous shades: silver Glass, pink Mermaid and golden Golden Hour.

It will change every color of a gel polish and give you amazing nail art possibilities.

See how we used them in stylings!

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