Sometimes we bring back unwanted souvenirs from vacations - excessive dryness of various parts of the body, keratoses or redness. Sunbathing by the pool, swimming in the salty sea and sunny hikes are excellent forms of relaxation, which - unfortunately - are not indifferent to our epidermis. It is now, when we are already saying goodbye to summer, that the best time for autumn skin care and regeneration after summer begins. See which SPN body cosmetics to choose to soothe irritation and rebuild the protective lipid barrier step by step!

Summer and dry skin - causes of excessive dryness

Why does the skin become much drier and rougher after summer and vacations? Many factors are responsible - both beyond our control and those over which we have real influence.  First of all, our enemy is UV radiation, and it is in the sunny holiday weather that we are exposed to its greatest harmful effects. It is worth remembering that even a light tan is a symptom of damaged epidermis, so in summer we should take special care of effective sun protection.

Secondly, the bad condition of the skin in summer is also affected by high temperatures and at the same time low humidity. Such atmospheric conditions promote much faster loss of water, and as a result - dryness. Skin care in autumn should therefore be based primarily on intensive regeneration.

Thirdly, the skin very much dislikes sudden changes in temperature and air conditioning. Everyone has experienced the shock of stepping out of an air-conditioned room onto a heated street, so it's only natural that our bodies experience it too! In addition, air conditioning not only lowers the temperature, but also significantly dries out the air, which consequently damages our hydrolipid mantle.

And finally, the fourth most common cause of dry skin after summer is a somewhat lax approach to daily skin care. When temperatures exceed 30°C or more, few people feel like taking care of themselves with lotions or body butters. We generally dream of a quick, cold shower or a dip in the salty sea, which is also not indifferent to the skin. Contact with water also has a drying effect, so ideally we should take care to thoroughly moisturize after every swim or cleanse. Autumn skin care is therefore a very important time when we can support the body in regeneration and at the same time prepare it well for the equally demanding winter season.

Dehydrated and dry skin after summer - how to recognize it?

What does dry skin look like after summer? Disturbing changes can be noticed with the naked eye. First of all, our body is rough to the touch, redness, discoloration and itching may appear. Tanning due to overexposure to UV radiation is also one of the symptoms that should prompt us to intensively regenerate and care for our skin in autumn. We may also notice an unpleasant tightening sensation. Small cracks also become visible - for example, on the hands.

How to take care of your skin in autumn? Reach for SPN cosmetics

It is worth being aware that daily skin care in the autumn is a process, and only through systematic action will we restore our body to comfort and a healthy, beautiful appearance. It is best to reach for nourishing cosmetics with rich compositions, which will act like a soothing bandage.

So what to choose for autumn body care? Mild cleansers that will simultaneously support the process of exfoliation of dead skin. A great choice here will be the S.O.S. peeling and exfoliating gel with glycolic acid, papain and abrasive natural silica beads. In addition, this SPN cosmetic also contains d-panthenol, which will instantly soothe and regenerate the skin after summer.

Autumn skin care can also be of a more exfoliating nature - preferably with sugar scrubs, as sugar crystals will help to effectively remove dead skin. At the same time, such a product is gentler than a salt scrub, which can contribute to additional redness. Sugar scrubs are also rich in Shea butter, beeswax and sweet almond oil, so that the skin is not only smooth, but also pampered. And the stunning fragrance of Sugar Peel Wish, for example... will make classic self-care even more enjoyable.

Conscious skin care in autumn should be based on systematic moisturization. A body lotion with vitamin E S.O.S., which can be found among SPN cosmetics, will be ideal here. Used daily, it comprehensively moisturizes the skin, firms it and has a beneficial effect on its elasticity.

The culmination should be the regeneration of very dry cuticles, for example, using one of SPN's perfumed olives, which not only leave a sensual scent on the skin. These are preparations with rich formulas that especially care for severely damaged, dry and rough skin - perfect not only as a culmination of a manicure. They are a must-have for daily skin care in autumn.

This is the first article in the series NOW - Your time for autumn skin care from SPN Nails. We'll be publishing more posts full of practical tips and advice in the coming weeks - stay tuned now!

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