Summer is the hottest time of the year, not only in terms of temperatures, but also due to increased interest in manicure and pedicure services. What colors are the most popular right now? See the holiday choices of our clients!

In SPN Nails collection we have countless beautiful colors, but in the summer season, customers most often choose expressive, neon shades.

You will find such shades in the latest Fancy collection, which is the essence of what we have been expecting from summer.

My first choice for a holiday manicure was the color "966 Strawberry Margarita" - beautiful saturated neon, with an original pink shade. But even then I knew that the next one was going to be "967 Cosmopolitan" - our salon HIT of the last days - bright, neon red. For fans of red like me, this color is the perfect choice for summer days.

Well... neons, but what can we propose to brides in summer season 2022?

For several seasons, PrimaBalerina collection is our nr 1! It is a bull's eye when it comes to french manicure, babyboomer or natural look. This collection consists of semi-transparent gel polishes, they are not 100% opaque, making them look ultra natural, emphasizing the beauty of the dress and accessories.

The regrowth with such colors becomes almost invisible, so they are also perfect for a honeymoon.

Nails in nude shades will look beautiful and your skin will appear more tanned and healthy.

For fans of white, milky nails, we also have a collection of white shades. MilkShake collection is very popular in our salon and is a frequent choice of our clients also for pedicure.

The addition that we propose in the case of these gel polishes are all kinds of pollen from Aurora collection, which give the effect of a shell, shimmering in

the sun. If you are a fan of a delicate sparkle, be sure to ask your stylist for such a decoration!

This summer we will definitely not let you get bored!

Katarzyna Steczkowska,

SPN Nails Educator,

Owner of La premiere salon in Warsaw

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