Appetizing browns, sensual reds and gold accessories - the most fashionable nails for fall 2023 are defined by timeless, classic shades. The upcoming season focuses on minimalism and elegant embellishments, which you can also successfully choose for work. See what trends will dominate the autumn manicure in 2023 and get a close look at two new mini-collections of SPN hybrid polishes. Desire and Temptation sets are waiting for you, and in them colors with which your styling will become synonymous with great style!

Desire collection - discover desirable nail colors for autumn

As the days get shorter and colder, we are much more willing to reach not only for wrapping fabrics and warming teas. It's also the return of color classics, which occupy a special place both in closets and in manicures. So what nails for autumn will allow you to fit in well with the trends? The answer is brought by the three SPN hybrid polishes that make up the Desire collection. Timeless shades await you in the set - perfect to create with them styles that correspond to the autumn climate.

The expressive opening of the collection is taken care of by hybrid varnish 997 All that Glitter... This is a color that sparkles with shimmering flecks of different sizes. The noble gold shade will enrich fashionable nails for autumn kept in the glamour style and will create a smooth, shiny sheet. Do you prefer a more subdued look? Take care of gold accessories - as in jewelry!

Want to bet on fashionable brown nails this fall? Trends 2023 belong to chocolate! And this is confirmed by the second SPN hybrid polish in the Desire collection. Here is 998 Dark Side of Me in the shade of appetizing, milky pralines - it will perfectly complement autumn styling with trenches, white shirts or soft sweaters with a thick weave. Chocolate hybrid manicure looks great on both long and short nails, so it's definitely your must-have in the coming season.

Red wine - along with browns - also ranks as one of the most desirable autumn tones. It is loved by fans of timeless trends, who don't want to wonder every season what color manicure will be the most fashionable. Hybrid lacquer 999 Wine Not? is the most sensual classic you can think of. If you appreciate the imperious beauty of simple forms, this is the color of the SPN Desire collection that will steal your heart.

Fall nails - inspiration with the Temptation collection.

The second mini-collection of SPN hybrid nail polishes will definitely make romantic women fall in love. The Temptation set consists of three colors that combine red sensuality enriched with a touch of pink girlishness. Each of the shades hides something alluring, so you will create fashionable nails for autumn in a feminine look.

A quick glance at the first hybrid polish of the collection is all it takes to know who will be most comfortable in it. 1000 Femme Fatale is a charismatic raspberry red, which will perfectly highlight the nature of bold and feisty women. Autumn is not only the return to duties, but often also a time of change and new decisions. If you're looking for colors that will give you confidence, don't hesitate to reach just for 1000 Femme Fatale!

How about the romance of autumn nails with a slightly softer red? Choose 1001 Love Affair. This shade looks very tempting - not only when you feel like an innocent flirt. Wear it every day, too, to bring a touch of feminine frivolity to classic styles.

If you associate manicures for autumn mostly with dark shades, it's time to change that. Opt for a softer springboard together with SPN 1002 Sweet Kisses hybrid polish. It's a shade in tones of warm pink - perfect for chilly evenings. A manicure as sweet as kisses will put you in a date mood, and after all, autumn is conducive to that. Romantic evenings at the movies, afternoons at cafes and candlelit dinners celebrate with a beautiful mani!

What nails for autumn 2023 to choose? Those with which you will feel special. Reach for the new SPN hybrid polishes from the two mini-collections Desire and Temptation. Sensual reds, appetizing chocolate or gold accessories will help you create the most fashionable mani of the coming season. Which color will you test first?

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