Sometimes you wonder how to enjoy the long autumn evenings? When the excitement after holiday adventures slowly subsides, allow yourself to relax, calm down and unwind. This is your special time, which you can spend at home and celebrate everyday, small pleasures. We have prepared self-care inspirations for you - discover with us simple ideas for relaxing in autumn and create rituals that wrap your senses like a soft, warm blanket.

Indulge in autumn cooking

Autumn is a season that is particularly associated with warming dishes and tasty desserts. As it gets colder outside, prepare your favorite dinner. Reach for seasonal vegetables, fruits, and spices that will make your whole house fill with an aroma that immediately whets your appetite.

Cinnamon rolls, salad with pumpkin and walnuts, spicy cream soup, baked feta with honey and figs, or pears under a buttery crumble and a cup of cocoa? These dishes taste delicious, and you don't have to spend a lot of time preparing them.

Does cooking have therapeutic power for you? Test comfort food recipes that will make your evening rest in autumn more pleasant and make you start collecting new delicious culinary experiences.

Or maybe you'll open the season of autumn deliciousness with a homemade pumpkin spice latte ;-)

Discover passions and learn something new

Long autumn evenings are undoubtedly conducive to discovering new passions or learning things you haven't had time for so far. There is only one condition - don't think of them in terms of another chore, a category on the to-do list, to tick off, to forget. Think about what novelty could bring more joy into your life and just... try it, go ahead.

Would you like to start making your own jewelry or embroidering? Did you come back from vacation fascinated by the Italian language? Or have you thought about learning web design or artistic cake decorating? Whether you feel like taking a crochet course, putting together a jigsaw puzzle or shooting nail tutorials - each of your passions deserves attention, and a creative autumn recreation will spice up even the grayest evening.

Create an autumn beauty ritual

Make autumn evenings an intimate, sensual time for you, during which you will take care of your body and pamper your senses. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind the bathroom door - light your favorite candle, take a warming bath or shower and give yourself a soothing, exfoliating massage.

During these special moments you can be accompanied by SPN Nails cosmetics with rich, nourishing compositions. S.O.S. Scrubbing and exfoliating body gel effectively cleanses the skin and prepares it for further care stages.

If you love aromatic cosmetics, reach for the Wish... sugar scrub with a perfumy, feminine scent. Natural crystals will deeply exfoliate dead skin, while Shea butter or sweet almond oil will make your skin sensual, soft and smooth to the touch after a bath.

At the end of self-care, massage a portion of strawberry S.OS. Vitamin E lotion, which even on a cool autumn evening will remind you of the most delicious holiday fruits. The unique formula and a complex of carefully selected active ingredients take care of comprehensive hydration of the epidermis, which deserves the best care. Remember that you can also find all these three cosmetics at a heavily discounted price in Short Date.

This could even be a few minutes of your conscious intimacy with your body, transforming your usual skin care routine into a relaxing ritual.

Allow yourself carefree relaxation

Sometimes we tend to fall into a vicious cycle of creative leisure, which - instead of giving pleasure and relaxation - becomes a challenge. How about just slowing down a bit this fall? You don't always have to read three books a week, try five new recipes and make your own autumn decorations. Allow yourself (without remorse) an autumn evening filled with carefree relaxation - take a bath beforehand, change into warm pajamas, watch your favorite romantic comedy and drink warming tea with lemon and ginger. After all, an autumn evening spent this way can give you much more joy than another autumn self-care challenge.

Create a capsule wardrobe for autumn

In autumn, we say goodbye to holiday dresses, but instead welcome warm sweaters, soft scarves and enveloping cloaks, which also have their own irresistible charm. You can devote one of the autumn evenings to preparing a capsule closet, thanks to which you will compose the most beautiful styles for work, meetings with friends or family dinners. Opt for creative play and try to use each item of your closet to create three autumn outfits. Such an autumn outfit doesn't exactly sound lazy, but we're convinced that when you put together your closet, you'll feel great satisfaction and... gratitude on every busy morning, when you don't have time to think too long: what to wear today!!! ;-)

Organize thematic evenings

When all friends have already returned from vacation, autumn evenings become a great opportunity to strengthen bonds and have fun. Fridays with board games, Saturdays with French cinema or Japanese cuisine sound especially good. You can make a plan together with your loved ones for such gatherings, during which you will spend time watching movies, eating delicious food and talking. The company of friends and family will allow you to get through even the grayest and coldest time in good spirits - after all, this is an equally valuable form of autumn self-care.

Take care of healthy habits

Autumn rest, pleasure and relaxation can also mean taking care of your health - both mental and physical. Try to listen to your mood. Do you wake up feeling sleepy? Do you remember to drink water? Are you taking care of your favorite forms of exercise?

If you only have the opportunity, carefully celebrate moments - log off social media and see that offline autumn evenings can also be very enjoyable. Find time for breathing exercises, stretch on a mat, quiet your senses. Also use the moment of preparing dinner to make a nutritious lunch for work that will give you energy during the day. It could be overnight oatmeal, a nutritious salad full of vitamins or a filling smoothie. Or maybe autumn will be a good time for you to get a preventive check-up? If you've put off careful attention to your health and well-being for a little while during the vacations, now is the best time for you to love yourself again.

Reach for autumn self-care, which has restorative powers for you. Each of us is different, so let's emphasize that diversity. An evening with a book, at yoga or under a blanket with a mug of sweet cocoa - any of these can make your everyday life at least a little more pleasant. Will you start your autumn celebration today?

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